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SAMPLE SALE - Starting May 2020

We're making room for the new collection!

Our Special Weeks are a great opportunity to buy a beautiful designer wedding dress at a bargain price. You can expect a neat selection of wedding dresses with up to 70% discount.

At this sample sale you don't have the luxury of time, because it is limited to a short time and the dresses are not reserved. Therefore, take your two or three most important friends with you so that you can make your decision on the same day, because the rule of the Sample Sale is: the faster one is the happier!

The standard dress sizes of our samples are between 36 and 40, but we occasionally carry larger sizes.

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We’re making room for the new collection!

We hold our sample sale once or twice a year. These special weeks at Zoro are a wonderful opportunity for brides to snap up stunning designer dresses at great prices. Customers can expect a carefully selected range of wedding dresses with discounts of up to 70%.
This sale doesn’t last for long and the dresses cannot be reserved, so you don’t have the luxury of time. So make sure you bring along no more than two or three of your most supportive and decisive friends or family members who can help you choose a dress on that same day – slow and steady certainly doesn’t win this race!

Our samples come in standard dress sizes from 36 to 40. Occasionally we also have larger sizes on offer.

Because our sample prices are significantly reduced during these special weeks, we operate a cash & carry system. That means that you pay for the dress in full on the day of purchase and take it away with you there and then. Dresses from the sample sale are not altered in our own studio, but we will gladly provide you with the address of a tailoring service if required. Call us to find out when the next sale is.

Call now and book your appointment:
Tel. +41 44 212 80 30